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"We joined the obendy® adventure in 2017. Since then, the GlobalExam offer has been enriched and our services around language learning are available on all obendy® banking platforms. This partnership has allowed us to open up a new vertical without any effort, as obendy® takes care of everything (license distribution, product integration, platform animation, service consumption). The key to the success of our collaboration? The same passion for innovation and creating value for our customers and users."

Charles-Eliott Debourdeau
Founder and CEO of Global Exam

"MyCVFactory has been working with obendy® for 4 years, with the aim of helping young and old alike find employment. We are very happy to be part of the system, the teams are dynamic, and we have excellent figures: traffic, positive feedback, it is very beneficial for our brand to be fully integrated and associated with obendy®.
We still have a great potential in front of us, with the help of seniors, who want to be visible on the job market. A new challenge that MyCVFactory is ready to take on."

Pauline Lahary
Founder and CEO of MyCVFactory


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