obendy® allows you to become the bank and insurance of the future...

By helping you take the Beyond Banking & Insurance shift.

Our vision

At obendy® we believe a new era is on the horizon, for banking and insurance.
Accelerated by Open Banking, client demands are changing, and a new trend seems to be emerging. The one of positioning itself upstream and downstream in terms of the financial need to support clients, by offering new services with high added value for their daily lives.

Our mission

obendy® supports banks and insurance companies, by taking the Beyond Banking & Insurance shift, and turns them into more than financial players.

How? By offering them a platform solution which integrates relevant services, whether financial or not, to support their clients when they need it.

Our values

🤖 Innovation

We offer you a bank/insurance-as-a-platform approach using innovative SaaS platforms

🫶 Positivity

obendy® sees the future through optimism and wishes to contribute positively to the world of tomorrow

🌍 Humanity

We remain at your disposal and we offer you a win-win approach, by helping you better serve your clients

💪 Determination

We strive to help you achieve your goals through our our expert advice and responsiveness.